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Grainfather Brewing System



To date, we've brewed over 300 beers on our Grainfather test unit with fantastic results.

For the full instruction manual, go to HERE

The National Home Brew Package for the Grainfather unit includes the following Extras Free of Charge:

  • Hop Socks

  • Whirlfloc Pack

  • Extra Brewing notes/Instructions

  • Extra & Longer HD Silicone Hose for the Wort return Arm - For smaller batch brewing or low ABV beer with small grain bills

Pictures are indicative of the new release model. This listing is for the original Grainfather unit with the manual controller. These are in transition at the moment. For the short term, the Grainfather is still available with the manual controller and the new Grainfather Connect Controller can be ordered seperately HERE these 2 items will together work out to the same price of the new release models, same features and you get the original controlelr as a spare.

The Grainfather™ features a 35L boiler, with a nominal volume of 30Lwhich is ample for a standard 20 to 30L batch size, though smaller batches can be done, central malt pipe/basket assembly, built in 6w 1800rpm magnetic drive pump and digital STC 200 temperature controller as well as a nifty counter flow wort chiller.  2 Elements are used in the unit. 500w setting is used for temperature step mashes and a 2000w setting is capable of producing a very effective rolling boil.

The grain basket assembly is capable of handling up to 9kg maximum grain bills. This will sufficiently cover 99% of the beers made by home brewers in 23L Batch Size. Very high alcohol beer styles can still be done in slightly smaller batch sizes.

As mentioned, we've brewed over a dozen different beer styles and over 300 actual brews in the time since just before public release of the first units. These range from session lagers and Kolsch, Belgian Wit's through American Pale Ales, American IPA's and Baltic Porters up to 7.2% Abv and have found Brewhouse Efficiencies ranging through to high 80's. The average Brewhouse efficiency is around 76-78%.

We're impressed. There have been minor improvements made to a few components since the first release in NZ in 2014 and these modifications have been applied to the units currently available in Australia, including the updated counterflow wort chiller system. The current model controller is still available for the short term. An ugrade to the Grainfather Connect PID controller is available  HERE for a further $199. The iOS app is currently available for use with the new controller immediately though the app for android users is still in beta.

Pics from the session below will give a better idea of the workings of the unit.

Lay-by on 10% deposit is available as it is for all equipment purchases. To do this, simply choose your equipment proceed into the cart, write "Lay-by" in the notes and process your order. We'll take care of the paperwork and send details on how to make regular payments. See our Lay-by terms and conditions page HERE

The following pics are from a training day with the first edition of the Grainfather, showing the original controller and chiller.

 Add strike water to the boiler along with campden to dechlorinate the water, and minerals according to the beer style being brewed.

Continuous recirculation during the mash


Post mash, the grain basket is raised to allow drainage before sparge water is added.


Pic shows wort clarity prior to sparge.

Final Pic shows brilliant clarity of the wort. This is pre-boil wort of a Munich Dunkel.

Why shop with us? We've brewed extensively with the Grainfather units since before they were available to the public and run over 40 demonstration and education sessions on them with brewers, we've stress tested our demonstration units with relentless vigour and it's always worked out for the better. National Home Brew offer full after sales back-up service and support for the products we sell, including after hours problem solving by telephone and webcam links if needed.

Still not convinced?

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We also offer the Grainfather by way of a lay-by system. 10% down 90 days to pay with regular payments. No interest, no extra fees.

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