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Loughran Stout Malt

Loughran Irish Stout Base Malt


Color �L: 1.5-2.5

Moisture % Max: 4.5

Protein Total Max:

Extract CG Dry Min: 81.0

Description: Perfect for traditional Irish stouts that require a robust flavor complemented by a full-bodied and smooth mouth feel, filled with rich complex coffee aroma and mingled with light licorice notes. Stay true to Irish tradition.

High diastatic power and a smooth, rich taste.

About Loughran Malts:

Loughran Family Malt

Since 1908, six generations of the Loughran Family have farmed Clermont Farm, with 2015 seeing them grow their 107th crop of barley. Because their malts are grown on 1 farm they share standard planting & harvesting dates and experience a uniform crop management programme. This allows the Loughran Family to produce malts which are unmatched in terms of consistency of colour, extract and quality. They are also fully traceable right back to the actual field in which it was grown.

Because Loughran Family Malt stock both their own base malts and speciality malts on behalf of Castle Malting (Belgium), they are able to supply all malt needs from 1 location, saving both time and money.

The rich and fertile soils of their farm, which help to produce the highest quality Irish malt, are situated near the foot of the Cooley Mountains. An area steeped in ancient Celtic mythology & legend. There is no other place in Ireland which can boast such a richness and diversity of myth and legend, of folklore and story. This is the land of the great Celtic warrior Cuchulainn who stained our soil forever-red with the blood of an invading hoarde. This is the home of the mystical Brown Bull of Cooley who enriched the soils of the land. His capture is told in the greatest epic story in Irish Celtic mythology The Tain, which is set in these lands.

You as a Craft Brewer can new get an Irish Malt that has History, Tradition, Uniqueness and a Strong Sense of Place. Exactly what every craft beer drinker desires, helping to make your beer more distinctive to your customer.

The Loughran Family's Irish Malt combines culture with craft. Craft beer drinkers love to know the story behind their pint. Give your customers an added taste of Irish heritage and let them decide for themselves if the blood split by Cuchulainn and the soil enriched by the the Brown Bull of Cooley real does help produce Ireland�s greatest Malt.


This product supports fractional quantities to be ordered. E.g. 1.5