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Millmaster Roller Mill

Millmaster Fluted Roller Mill

When it comes to buying your equipment, buy once, buy well.

Looking for a home brew mill or small scale commercial mill? Look no further, this stainless roller mill with aluminium frame sets a standard for what we believe is the best roller mill in the country.

MashMaster’s system of using Computer Aided Design coupled with precision CNC machining delivers a technologically superior grain mill with old fashioned reliability.

MillMaster MiniMill Specifications

  • 130mm (5"approx.) precision machined rollers
  • 38mm (1 1/2") diameter rollers
  • 304 Stainless Steel Rollers as Standard, no rusty rollers
  • 12.7mm (1/2") drive shaft keyed for easy motorization, drill drive or hand crank
  • SAE841 Bronze Bushings
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • built in gear guard
  • Arrives assembled

Roller Gap Adjustment

  • 12 set gap marks for ease of adjustment and repeatability
  • 0.1mm to 1.9mm infinitely adjustable gap setting for precision control and accuracy 
  • 304 stainless steel the eccentric adjustor finished with light knurling for a positive grip
  • Quick Adjustment side locking pins

Gear Driven Rollers

  • Gear rollers make it possible to do away with course husk ripping and tearing knurls found on other mills.
  • Only geared roller mill on the market that is fully adjustable at both ends. 
  • The fluted rollers provide an excellent crush of grains to minimise husk damage.
  • The geared rollers ensure an easy and smooth feed of malt into the grain mill from start to finish.

You need only dial the eccentric adjustor for the desired gap, tighten the lock nut and your ready to mill.  MillMaster has been designed for home brewers and professional micro breweries alike.

$289.00  price does not include hopper or handle. Mill designed to be powered either by direct drive using a drill or keyed wheel and electric motor

Hoppers are available as a seperate item HERE