We are experiencing a problem with the NBN at present. We have phone diversions in place to mobile, so we are only able to take limited calls at once. If you reach message bank, please leave a message and call back number. We have put back up plans in place for wireless until the problem is resolved and online functions are working as normal. We are hoping to be back to normal communications early next week. 

Australia Post are experiencing some slight delays in their sorting and delivery networks, please allow for extra time for deliveries to be made. Courier Services are also experiencing some slight delays in many areas. We expect this to ease over the coming weeks.


PLEASE NOTE - ONLINE ORDERS AS NORMAL HOWEVER SOME DELAYS MAY OCCUR DUE TO HIGH DEMAND ON SOME ITEMS. NOT ALL STOCKS MAY BE AVAILABLE DUE TO UK, EUROPEAN US AND NZ BUSINESS SHUT DOWN/ LOCK DOWN. Locals, please select your goods as normal, then at checkout select manual shipping. You will be contacted if any stocks are not available.  


Here's how it is folks: we're doing our best and need to share a bit of the love around. We'll be here for you throughout the current situation doing the best we can with what we can get. The entire supply chain is under tremendous strain and folks need to get used to a change in the state of how things are - we're already another day closer to things getting back to normal. 


INTERNATIONAL ORDERS are now suspended for our OS clients. Sorry.

Due to the current and ever developing situation with the pandemic, we are experiencing some stock shortages. Our various supplier warehouses are doing their best to keep up, but it is a challenging situation for them and us. We all just need to do the best we can.

Over recent weeks, some stocks have been hard to get/impossible to get due to no stock in Australian Supplier Warehouses - Other stocks may be delayed getting to us due to overload of orders at the same warehouses. They're working hard on it. We are still able to process most orders and dispatch same day. HOWEVER: Please be aware that due to the significant demand for some items, they may suddenly be out of stock. We're working hard on that, but it looks like some delays are going to happen. (Mostly only a couple/few days)

- All Grain Recipe packs may be delayed while we try to get them sorted. These are a high demand item that requires significant time and effort to lay everything out for you. (those who use them already will understand)

Grain stocks have been largely restored and we're back on track with about 100 varieties on hand. Some stocks of hops (Northern hemisphere varieties) are low and new stocks from 2019 harvest are due in over the coming weeks.

We'll work closely with those affected and offer alternatives where appropriate or we will hold your order for completion IF some of the stock is expected or due within 2 working days. If we are unable to offer a good solution that suits, we'll happily refund any transactions. We're also trying to get some time to update the website for stock levels and availability issues, but it's a fast paced and developing situation.

Sorry brewers, we're doing our best in very trying supply conditions. In the event of a forced closure, we should be able to wrangle ongoing supply throughout this period, albeit on a more limited scale and pending stock availability. We're planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

If you're ringing, please keep in mind, so are a lot of other people. There may be unavoidable delays getting to your call.

Be safe all.



Customers please note when ordering: due to changes within gmail, yahoo, hotmail and a number of other email service providers settings, your order confirmation and shipping quotes MAY end up in your email spam/junk folder. If expecting an order confirmation or quote, please check this folder and if necessary allow emails from us. We will never send spam or share your contact details.