Beer Recipe Packs - All Grain

Beer Recipe Packs

These recipe packs require mashing and boiling.

Nominal batch size is for 23L of beer, though some high Abv % recipes are reduced to 20L to suit better efficiency for the grain bill.

All Grain brewing is a rewarding way to craft your own beer at home and the recipe packs within this section contain everything you need to produce a well crafted beer at home using basic brewing equipment. All estimated gravities and the components are designed around use of Grainfather brewing systems, but can be used in any single vessel system, BIAB, 2v/3v or Braumeister.

The grains are pre-milled, flushed with CO2 to eliminate oxygen and lightly vacuumed. The hops, whirlfloc and required minerals plus yeast are all included in the price. Full instructions are included for Grainfather brewers and those able to step mash.

Results may vary according to the relative mash and brewhouse efficiency of your brewing system and techniques applied.

Yeast strains and the amount of yeast selected and supplied are suitable for the styles and will require temperature controlled fermentation to obtain the very best results.

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