Beersmith 2 Registration Key


We're pleased to partner with Beersmith to provide registration keys to our customers.

The current special price for our registered customers is AUD $24.95

Beersmith 2 is a free program to download and use for a month. After the 1 month trial, you will require a registration key to continue to use the program.

To download the latest version of Beersmith 2, go to

Follow the excellent tutorials to set up your equipment profiles and download the add-ons to suit your region and available malts etc.

Beersmith is an excellent program for home brewers which allows you to design, modify and share beer recipes with mates. It also allows you to maintain an inventory of stock and build shoping lists for your next brew.

Note for Grainfather Unit owners: Beersmith 2 does not currently have an accurate off the shelf beersmith profile which accurately reflects mash and sparge water requirements at this time. All other functions work exceptionally well, but you will need to manually calculate water volumes for ach individual brew for now.

Your unique Beersmith 2 activation key will be emailed to your registered email address or Mobile phone by sms as quickly as possible. It can be used to register 2 copies of it within your home. ie 1 on your laptop and 1 on your desktop.

Orders placed after hours will generally be sent next working day -  if you have not received your key, please check your email spam folder.