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Grainfather Conical Fermenter (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

Grainfather Conical Fermenter (1x Single Fermenter PLUS FREE Dual Valve/Tap PLUS FREE Temperature Controller)

The moment we have all been waiting for...the new addition to our Grainfather range, the Grainfather Conical Fermenter is available to preorder. 

The Grainfather all in one brewing system revolutionised all grain brewing at home.

The new Grainfather Conical Fermenter takes this one step further by giving you state of the art temperature controlled fermentation, just like commercial breweries use.

Fermentation is arguably the most important part of producing a good quality beer. A good fermentation environment starts with a clean and well sanitised fermenter, has a consistent controlled temperature base and where exposure to oxygen is minimised. The Grainfather Conical Fermenter provides you with a modular system for all of this and more.


MODULAR SYSTEM  The Grainfather Conical Fermenter provides brewers with a modular system which allows you to build up your brewery to the specifications that ultimately suit your needs. The ultimate system is designed to scale up to as many as four fermenters connected to one glycol chiller unit, all on different fermenting schedules. Now that is excellence in process control.

DOUBLE WALLED A double wall design filled with a thick layer of polyurethane foam for insulation ensures the fermenting brew is not subject to swings in temperature. This insulation is what keeps the wort at a constant and stable temperature so your brew is not influenced by any outside environmental changes and provides insulation for your fermentation that a single jacket design cannot achieve.

INTEGRATED HEATING In the cavity of the fermenter between the outer body and cone sits a 30 Watt, 12V heating element. Unlike standard heating elements/sources that directly heat liquid, this heat stick is designed to heat the environment in between the walls of the fermenter, which in turn gently heats the liquid when necessary. When heating is required in colder climates, the fermenter acts to give a stable environment which can be heated, meaning the temperature is raised in an even and controlled manner which is much better for the yeast.

INTEGRATED COOLING SLEEVE Between the two stainless steel walls sits a cooling sleeve (also made of stainless steel). This cooling sleeve is welded onto the inner wall of the fermenter and can be connected to the Grainfather Glycol Chiller.  Temperature is dialled into the Temperature Controller. As the cooling liquid travels through the Glycol sleeve, it cools the stainless steel which in turn cools the beer in the fermenter. The cooling sleeve and the glycol running through it does not directly have contact with the beer, it is completely concealed and built into the fermenter and never needs cleaning or sanitising - Innovative design for a fermenter of this scale.

EASY ACCESS TO THE INTERIOR FOR HASSLE FREE CLEANING AND SANITISING The Grainfather Conical Fermenter has a smooth interior with no additions such as cooling coils or additional sampling valves meaning it is easy to clean and sanitise, which minimises the risk of infection.

DUAL VALVE / TAP (Included as a standard addition National Home Brew): Makes yeast dumping/harvesting, transferring and sampling process simple and efficient with this innovative all in one valve/tap. Sampling and transferring is done through a valve above the sediment collection level, allowing for clear, sediment free beer. Collect your yeast from below the sediment line for recultivating and pitching.


  • Modular system, upgrades such as the Dual Valve Tap, Temperature Controller 
  • Glycol Chiller (Currently Pending Approval for Australia and being released soon)
  • Superior temperature control
  • Double walled insulation
  • Integrated heating
  • Integrated cooling sleeve
  • Easy access to the interior for hassle free cleaning
  • Easy access and smooth finish to ensure good sanitising of surfaces in contact with your wort/beer

Brewers Note: As at May 2017, We have not yet had the opportunity to do a full and comprehensive brewing trial with the equipment to give a proper and fair review. As soon as we have run several brews through it, we'll compile a review to our usual high standard and publish in the same way the Grainfather and Grainfather Connect reviews were done.