Grains and Malts

Grains and malts

Our policy on grain substitution:
We carry an extensive range (Currently over 130 varieties) of malted and unmalted grains to suit the vast majority of recipes. However, on occassion, we may run out of stock. 
We will not substitute grains without your express permission to do so and only after consulting with you on the best possible substitute, will we select and mill your order.


PLEASE NOTE: When ordering grains, you can now order portions (ie. 1.25kg 0.34kg etc) to suit your recipe. If you wish your grains to be packaged in a particular way, please include detailed instructions in the comments section at checkout. We aim to provide the highest level of service possible. Please communicate your needs specifically and clearly.  If we're unsure, we'll call you at the earliest opportunity for further instructions on your needs.


 All the brands you want or need, all the profiles available in season.

We understand everyone's needs and everyone's tastes are different.

The only thing that determines whether a malt is available in store is availability from the distributors and importers when we order.



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