Hops Chinook Hash 2016 Crop100g (27.8 % AA)

100g Net Chinook Hop Hash 27.8% Alpha Acids

Packed in vacuum sealed oxygen impervious foil and stored to perfection in freezer.

Hop Hash is the concentrated residues which are removed from machinery at the end of pelletizing runs.

In essence, Hop Hash is the super concentrated resins and lupulin glands from the process and so tends to have Alpha Acid concentrations around 3 x times the usual for any given variety. It has very little of the vegetal matter from the whole hop cones in the mix.

Hop has can be added at any stage of the brewing process, but due to the concentrated nature of the product, if used in dry hopping, it can take some time and exposure to the beer to get the full flavour and aroma potential from it.

One upside of hop hash is the low volume of beer lost to hop residues.

We are currently running some trials here to determine ways to get the most from the product.