Lay-By Terms and Agreement

At National Home Brew, we want to work around your needs. We are pleased to announce we can now offer a Lay-by system so you get what you really want, when you want it without the added burden of credit card interest on the lump sum.

All you need to do is create an account on the website, select the goods you wish to purchase, write "Lay-by" in the notes at checkout and leave the rest to us. A staff member will ring you at the earliest opportunity to create your lay-by and provide details so you can pay by cash or cheque deposit, EFT or regular CC payments by phone. A unique reference number will be provided to include with each regular payment.

You can nominate a period from 2 weeks through 3 months to pay off your Lay-by. Extensions may be granted under special circumstances at the discretion of staff.

Terms and Conditions:

10% deposit is required to secure your Lay-by

Regular payments must be made but changes to the term and regularity may be granted for special circumstances

Allow 1 week notice from end of Lay-by for dispatch of goods. We anticipate Goods to be dispatched within 24 hrs under most circumstances.

If you cancel your Lay-by , there is a 10% restocking and cancellation fee to cover administration and other associated costs. National Home Brew may waive this right, at our discretion, under extenuating special circumstances.

If you default on Lay-by, we will make every reasonable effort to contact you at least 3 times by Telephone, email and registered mail to seek further instruction. If we are unable to contact you, we will act within current consumer law guidelines as determined by the Office of Fair Trading Queensland.

Minimum Lay-by amount is $150.00, with minimum deposit of $15.00

Maximum Lay-by amount is $3500, with minimum deposit of $350.00

Under most circumstances, we carry the goods in stock, available for immediate dispatch.

Lay-by's are a partnership agreement between National Home Brew and our valued customers. If there is a problem, we will communicate it to you at the earliest opportunity. If there is a problem and you are unable to fulfill your the Lay-by terms and agreement on time, we encourage you to contact us by email or telephone to discuss your needs. 07 4128 2033 or email admin at nationalhomebrew dot com dot au If there is a foreseeable problem with supply of your goods on time, (flood, fire, natural and man made disasters etc) we will make every reasonable effort to contact you early to resolve the issue.

Lay-by can be arranged for any reasonable combination of equipment and supplies with the exception of liquid yeasts within the terms of the agreement.