National Homebrew Hops are a defining component of any beer. When added early in the boil, hops add bitterness to our beer and often determine what style a beer is classed as. Hops 101 Moving on from Kits to Extract and Grain Brewing Hops need to be vaccuum sealed and they should ideally be stored away from light, since light, temperatures and oxygen will all degrade your hops. Storage of hops at home Cheese Making problem fix Too Hot to Handle Australian Hops Undoubtedly, a little bug called the Lesser Grain Borer (known commonly & incorrectly as Weavils) is one of the most common causes of spoilage of stored malted grains. Bugs in your grain? Gas or Electric Systems for Brewing BIAB Airlocks TGIF Grainfather Review Blog Article Jan 2015 Get Some Head Brewing with Red X So you want to form a home brew club Yeast are our friends suggest to everyone to save money where it does not matter…but do not skimp where it does. While there is a place for budget designed gear, it is not in the critical areas. Moving To A Keg System