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You may receive a message once you add your postcode and suburb to say "Due to the size/weight of the contents in your cart, shipping will be manually calculated upon order submission within 24 hours."

Proceed with your order following the prompts in the lower part of the page. We will do your shipping quote as quickly as possible during office hours. These are usually calculated every 10 minutes or so and after hrs, they are done each evening and again early next morning for your convenience.  Once your cheapest shipping quote is done, you will be sent an email with a link to the secure payment page.

This means we will be able to save you money with a cheaper option than the automatic shipping calculators allow for. Once we receive your order. You will not be able to pay until you receive the shipping quote email with the link to payment.

Grain Brewers:

We aim to provide the outstanding service and support to our customers.

Please ensure you have made notes on whether your grains are to be milled or unmilled. If milling is required, please state in the notes if you require milling for BIAB, 2V/3V, OR Course Milling for Braumeister / GrainFather system etc.

We will happily blend recipes, mill and flush with CO2 to protect the integrity of your grains. If ordering multiple recipes, some may contain allocations of the same grain. Simply select the total of the grains needed and provide a list of each recipe's contents in the Notes Section:

ie Recipe 1.  4.5 JW Pils, 250g JW Wheat, 200g JW Crystal. Recipe 2. 5.5kg Briess Pale Ale, 250g JW Wheat, 300g Briess 60L Milled for BIAB, Authority To Leave @ Front door beside table.

There are no fees for compiling or milling of recipes to suit your needs.



Fragile Items such as hydrometers, flasks, glassware and some electronics aren't suitable for shipping in courier satchels & typically they will unavoidably be broken if shipped this way. We suggest use of proper and adequate packing measures to ensure your goods arrive intact and on time.

We do not charge any packaging or handling fees and only ever charge the face value of courier or postage fees.

If you are unsure, please make contact with staff on 07 4128 2033 or by emailing admin@nationalhomebrew.com.au



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